First Flight Lesson

The week of July 8-15 will be remembered centuries from now for two pivotal events that vastly influenced the progress of humanity in a positive manner:  I flew for the first time and SkyCraft Airplanes finally received its first kit!

Today begins the 1 week countdown to Airventure Oshkosh in Wisconsin, which made last week’s kit arrival highly anticipated.  The machine looks beautiful.  She’ll be on display as is next week.

Pics of the kit’s unpacking in the factory:

If things weren’t already exciting enough, the next day I flew for the first time!  I made a quick video of the flight – you’ll notice Utah Valley was filled with smoke that day apparently from all the wildfires.  Crazy stuff.

Wild Wes had me working on climbs and descents, sharp turns, stalls, and airport ops.  Turns out, flying is really not hard, but at the same time, it’s not not hard.  If you know what I mean.  Flight training will be on the backburner for Oshkosh, but I’ll be back in action in August.


One response to “First Flight Lesson

  1. Again, spectacular video! Just remember, if you can afford it (and once you officially start training) try to fly at least twice a week. You tend to forget less and it’s easier to build from each consecutive lesson.

    Look forward to hearing more!

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