Mom, don’t read this post

Warning:  The following video contains images of your son in danger, Mother’s Discretion is advised.

I’ve treated this whole motorcycle matter delicately with my mother since buying a motorcycle did not make on her top 10 list of recommended activities for me.  Her response to the decision was silent disapproval, which I give her a lot of credit for knowing how much she hated it.  I usually find out backhand how much sleep my Mom loses over things like this, which is unfortunate.

It was clear to me that my decision to ride from LA to SLC on the bike was another story.  That kind of decision was ludicrous, and would cause lots of worry and stress for everyone involved.  That’s why I made the Good Guy Son decision to not tell either of my parents about the 750 mile motorcycle trip.  This way they would only find out about it after I had successfully made it to SLC, at which point there would be no need for worry.  Perfect solution.

Fast forward a week, after I created this blog and posted about the motorcycle trip – I get the inevitable call from Dad:  “Paul, you know that everything you post online can be seen by everyone, right?”  Yes Dad, I know.  Mom had seen the post the day before and was horrified, losing a full night’s sleep over it.  I was in the dog house big time.  Unfortunately though, there is no setting of online sharing that makes a story available to everyone in the world except for 1 person, so my hands were tied.  This time, however, I found a good solution.  I’m sharing this video with everyone in the world, but Mom, you’re on your honor not to watch it.

The following is a video of an intense bike ride to Squaw Peak.  Mom (assuming you ignored the title and are reading this), you will not like this video, it will cause you great stress, so do not watch it.  Everyone else, enjoy (it’s really not that bad).


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