Thanksgiving Shuffle: 26 Best Pics

“Hands down the greatest concert of this millennium so far.  No doubt our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be talking about it.”  -LA Times

“In a performance that seamlessly blended the emotional excitement of youth with the struggling yet steady progress of humanity, Moonlight Graham transcended the role of musician in their 11/24 show at Otter Lodge.”  -Washington Post

“That s*** was so dope.”  –Dalai Lama

          This year’s Thanksgiving Shuffle was epic.  For those of you unfamiliar with Moonlight Graham, check out our band’s facebook page.  Quick history lesson on the band – we formed after graduating high school in 2008 when Christian and I made an impulse purchase of a guitar and bass.  We decided we would throw a concert that summer; the two main problems being that we had never played these instruments before, and that we didn’t have a band.  The second problem was solved with some clutch phone calls to Chris, Dylan, and Max.  In order to motivate us to practice, we invited all 3,500 of our Facebook friends to the “Fonthill Shuffle” in Chris’s backyard at the end of the summer.  That gave us 1 month to learn music.

The 2008 shuffle was a mediocre performance at best, but for some reason tons of people showed up and everyone involved had an absolute blast (alcohol?).  Each year since then we’ve had shows, and each year since then the noise we make sounds more and more like music.  Consistently though, throngs of amazing people come and rage.  To everyone that came this year, and past years, and future years:  thank you so much!   We’ll see you in 2013!


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