Saturday Night in Orem

After a potent holiday break in Rochester, NY, I’m back in Utah working on SkyCraft.  The temperature has been single digits all week long thanks to the Inversion.  Without my skis, I’m trapped in the valley feeling a bit of cabin fever coming on.  Fortunately for me, my “cabin” is 300,000 square feet, and also fortunately for me, Santa Claus brought me a GoPro Hero3 for Christmas! (Santa Claus is actually my parents, you guys).  I’ve been GoPro-ing nonstop since, including some greats from the New Year’s trip to NYC.  Considering the hours of footage I’ve already logged though, it’s remarkable how little of it is internet-able… for a whole bunch of reasons.

I finally got a fun clip I felt worthy of sharing:  a neat-o scooter ride around the factory I took late last night at SkyCraft.  I promise you, without a doubt, the videos will become exponentially more intriguing in a month’s time when the SD-1 Minisport finishes flight testing and the inversion lifts.


Q – Paul, shouldn’t you be doing something more productive?  Aren’t there planes that need building and companies that need growing?

A – First of all, relax – you need to take it easy.  There’s no room for that kind of attitude on this page so just go ahead and take a walk and come back when your head is cleared.  Yes, I have been doing productive things.  As proof, here is our recently completed dashboard and 95% complete SD-1 Minisport:

Completed Dashboard on the SD-1 Minisport

95% Complete SD-1 Minisport


We are electrical wiring and a paint job away from flight testing.

Q – Given your previous Squaw Peak Mishap on the motorcycle, are you sure you’re safe to be scootering around a factory?

A – Shut up.

Q – Are you gonna show us this video or what?

A – I’m not sure I want to show it to you anymore.

Q – That’s fine with us, we really weren’t that interested  anyways.

A – Wait!  Come on, just watch it.  It’s quick:


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