Discovery Flight

Time:  1 hour

Money:  $100 – 150

Let me begin by emphasizing that the discovery flight is an entirely optional step.  I only include it because I happened to do one, and I only did one because it was given to me as a gift (discovery flights are, by the way, a tremendous gift to give to anyone).  As far as I can tell though, they are pretty pointless from a flight training perspective if you are not already committing to the rest of your flight training hours.  Continuity is key here, so you really want to log all your hours as close together as possible.  If you’re thinking of learning to fly and want to take a discovery flight just to “check it out,” or “see if you like it,” you’re an idiot.  It’s flying.  It’s exactly as amazing as it sounds.  No person in recorded history has ever flown and thought “mehh, that was OK, but I think I’ve had my fill of flying for this lifetime.”  You are not ordering a new flavor at Jamba Juice.  You are learning to fly… through the air… like superman.

Here are some clips from my discovery flight:

Make no mistake, you will have a good time, but if we’re looking to chop down our time/money problem on learning to fly, a discovery flight that is disconnected from the rest of your flight training does not make sense.

Regardless of whether your first flight is a discovery flight, you’ll get one of these bad boys which will make you feel pretty legit:

Pilot Log

Not to mention it’ll have its first entry: First Entry in the Pilot Log

As for the running tally of time/money spent, I’m going to leave the discovery flight out with the recommendation that one day, when you have millions from your many enterprises, you give the gift of a discovery flight to your thousands of friends and family.


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